Cheese & Corn Samoosas (Pack of 60 - 3kg)

Cheese & Corn Samoosas (Pack of 60 - 3kg)

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@ R8.05 per 50g samoosa

Our cheese & corn samoosas are stuffed with spicy cheese and sweetcorn, encased in crispy pastry, and should be deep-fried until golden, but can be baked! The perfect vegetarian treat.

Size: 3kg (60 x ±50g)

Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese (Cow’s milk, Calcium Chloride, Saltpetre, Salt (NAC), Cheese Starter Culture, Non-animal Rennet, Colourant (Annatto), Corn, Flour (Wheat (Gluten), Black Pepper, Sunflower Oil (Seed), Salt

Preparation Suggestion: Deep fry or bake at 180° C until golden brown,  from frozen

Intolerance: Maize and derivatives

Allergens: Milk and derivatives, Wheat (Gluten)

Storage Instructions: Keep frozen at -18°C

This premium product is frozen and uncooked.